Darkrp Lua Help

Ok, So i’m trying to add (and subtract) stuff from Darkrp, I was reading a how to thing online, And it told me how to add shipments, But i allso want to delete shipments, Can anyone help?.

Allso, There may allready be a thread on this, But it says search is for Moderators or something, Sorry if i misspelled anything.

Find the file named “addshipments.lua”, you can add and delete them there I believe.

Doesn’t really seem to be that way, I know you can add Shipments there, But it wont let you Delete the Shipments that were allready in the Gamemode.

Well did you try removing lines like this:

AddCustomShipment("AK47", "models/weapons/w_rif_ak47.mdl", "weapon_ak472", 2450, 10, false, nil, false, {TEAM_GUN}) 

Thats not in the file (addshipments.lua), Are you talking about a different file? If so what?.

You must have an old version of DarpRP.
In the SVN the file is called addentities.lua not addshipments.lua
So just update your DarkRP and you will see the lines i am talking about.