DarkRP MasterLockpick

Hey so i was just curious and i needed to know how to get the master lockpick. I have seen it on other servers but mine does not have it. I have the Darkrp Gamemode addon installed but its still no use!

The “master lock pick” doesn’t come with DarkRP by default; what does it do?

It allows Vips to picklock faster than a normal pick lock

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Not to be a dick, but if you have no idea how to create a basic lockpick swep, then you’re gonna be in for a bumpy ride.

Just copy the lockpick SWEP code, create a new SWEP, and change SWEP.LockPickTime.

The reason i asked this question is b4 the darkrp gamemode addon came with a V.I.P Lockpick they removed it.

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It doesnt seem to be working both the normal lockpick and the master are the same speed

you want code from people that you’ll be reselling in a package as a swep. no thanks. others can help if they want to.

When did he say he’ll be re-selling it?

If you add me samgarcia1102 I’ll help you do this.

Fairly sure he will be for VIP etc.
I’ve seen some servers give perma super crackers/picks to people as any job etc. Seems a bit much imo.

Our Master Lockpick removes the sound of the pick, not the speed, or does it do both I forget :/.

Unless you changed something over the last 4 years, it speeds up too.

Ok thanks!