DarkRP Menu Bug.

Well, Whenever I press “F4” It pops up as this screen;


How do I get it back to the regular one?

Someone Please help.

Most likely an addon you’ve installed, due to the ‘Creating script errrors’.
What have you added recently?

Check the showteamtabs.lua you probably tried to add extra F4 Menu tabs and did some mistakes in showteamtabs.lua that would be my guess.

Please paste the errors that show up in console.

Judging by the HUD that looks like an older version of DarkRP, update to the latest SVN.

@Darklom No. The grey blackout panel only occurs when some sort of DarkRP script is messed up. From experience I would check and see if your addentities.lua and shared.lua files are all correct.
Best of luck.