*** DarkRp messed up? ****

Okay so I got everything working ulx ulib all golden but my dark rp is jacked up its one little thing and its not a scripting error.

All the player models of the people not the jobs but just there are no jobs its set so that the team is this yellow color and the player model has no animations and the player model is this grayish black clay figure and its creepy weird and you spawn with no spawn weps its weird and you can’t change jobs all dark rp commands dont work if i type it in.

I just want to use my server if anyone can help me it’d be super appreciated i’ve paid for a few months and I thought i knew enough get everything to work and this is the one problem preventing me from having fun.

If anyone can help me it’d be wildly appreciated



**** Does the console say anything? ****

NO! It’s weird it says nothing no script errors noda!

Did you make any changes to DarkRP?

Are you using Srcds?

I know what your talking about, It isn’t a hacker, it isn’t a virus, it isn’t ULX or ULIB or any addons clashing, believe or not you have made the error !!

I am guessing by the description you gave that you have added custom shipments or custom Jobs?

Make sure that all of your Jobs follow the same format,

AddExtraTeam( "Fisherman", Color(255, 255, 255, 255), "models/player/alyx.mdl" , [[Catches fish n sells it]], { "weapon_crowbar","weapon_pistol",}, "fisherman", 2, 55, 0, false,true, TEAM_fisherman)

Make sure that there are no out-of-place full stops, bracets, and all the
borders are in the right places

This has happened many times on my server due to rushing my editing :smiley:

Follow this format for your shipments

AddCustomShipment("RPG", "models/Weapons/w_rocket_launcher.mdl", "weapon_rpg", 6000, 10, false, 6000, false, {TEAM_GUN})

make sure again that all of your shipment lines follow this format.

I know that this will fix the VGUI just reupload the corrected version of your darkrp and restart your server.
This has taken along time to write so I hope it helped !!