DarkRP missing textures

I have darkrp installed in my server and css mounted as well I also have css content too.
When giving myself weapons (im the admin) I see missing textures.
I partially fixed it by a guide here : http://thexenproject.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=191 so that now darkrp textures are there but for some reason base textures(HL2 and ammo) are missing.

What else do I need to do ?
Also the reason I ask here is because I asked in the DarkRP official forum but no one answers there.

Anyone ? Its really important :frowning:
Also the clients need to download manually the gamemode(darkrp) or is there a way to make the server download it for them with fastdl ? because thats how the darkrp textures are fixed.

Have you tried verifying GMod’s integrity? Also, does weapons use custom textures? If so, you have to force the client to download these files.

I tried to verify integrity but didnt help. The only custom textures are from darkrp
The only way to fix that is by downloading the gamemode locally.
How do i force the clients to download the gamemode? How do i fix the basic textures?

Anyone ? I really need this to be sorted out :frowning:

Try something D:

1.- Remove DarkRP Folder
2.- Remove darkrpmodification folder
3.- Close garrysmod
4.- Install a new DarkRP Folder clean one ( https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP )
5.- Install a new darkrpmofication folder ( https://github.com/FPtje/darkrpmodification )
6.- Start garrysmod after doing all this steps. If you keep having this issue then lets try another thing later :smiley: but DO THIS FIRST AND REMEMBER TO CLOSE GMOD SO YOU WILL LOAD THE NEW CONTENT.

Do I need to put that in the server or in my client ?

Edit :
I have put it on my clienet but DarkRP textures fixed at the give weapons menu but as I said the basic weapon textures (HL2) are not showing well (black purple).