DarkRP Models Help

Hello, new to GMOD but I’ve owned many gameservers before.
Just installed darkRP and I copied a model from the build menu (Q)
and put it into the shared.lua for my jobs

The model was like this in-game:


And the same goes for these 3 models


How do I fix? My other jobs are fine. I was thinking maybe I’m copying the wrong model? Idk

Sorry for the noob post, thanks!

I believe that means that your playermodel wasn’t compiled with the right animations. (Please forgive me if I’m wrong)

You can find the right ones under the Q menu -> Browse -> Garry’s Mod -> player, they should look like this “models/player/arctic.mdl”, “models/player/gasmask.mdl”, “models/player/urban.mdl” etc

Low graphic?Why?