DarkRP Module won't do anything


I’m an absolute Newbie to LUA but I know the basic things, how to use commands and classes etc.

So, I tried to write a TINY DarkRP Module that would let people buy for their beloved props, determined by the bouncing radius ( whatever the hell this is ) .

So, theres the module spawnmenu_mod.lua in DarkRP/gamemode/modules:

local function buyProp( ply, mdl )
	local cost = math.floor( mdl:BoundingRadius( ) )
	if (ply:CanAfford(cost)) then
		AddNotify("You bought this prop for "+tostring(cost),NOTIFY_HINT, 8)
		return true
		AddNotify("You can't afford this prop for "+tostring(cost),NOTIFY_ERROR, 8)
		return false

hook.Add( "PlayerSpawnProp", "buyProp", buyProp )

Problem: It does absolutely nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

The concatenation operator is … and not + in Lua.

Also, any errors?

//EDIT: Solved the 2nd problem, just use SendLua :wink:
//EDIT2: FIXED ALL BUGS Thank you for reply