DarkRP Money Amount/Value

Hey there, I have a little question/issue and I hope I can find the answer here.

Basically i’m making a new gamemode (inspired from DarkRP, well, let’s not call it gamemode, let’s call it a modification of darkrp) and I want to set the actual money entitie/prop as another model. That is no problem. I already got my model, along with the textures and meterials, everything is fine. I changed the config to place it as my custom model and everything is fine, but there’s just that one thing that bugs me.

You know how on the default money there is a red square on the prop that says the Amount set on this money? Example: http://i.gyazo.com/5777583298154bc2489228a6a955bc7a.png

How can I obtain such a thing on my own model?

If someone could answer that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Using cam.Start3D2D and draw.WordBox in the file garrysmod/gamemode/darkrp/entities/spawned_money/cl_init.lua

Would it be too soon to say that I love you?

Thanks <3