DarkRP Money Detector?

Anyone have a working one? I would prefer one with a ranger. The one i found doesnt seem to work and i need one.

Money is handled in Dark RP specifically to make money detectors not work.
Good luck.

Ill just have to modify darkrp then >.>
This is stupid. Need money detectors to work…


For the RP server im an admin for. Its extremely stupid that its meant not to work for money detectors. So much for automatic machines?

I don’t understand. You’re complaining that he built in anti-cheating methods?

How is a money detector cheating? All it does is tell you how much money is under the ranger…


for k, v in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do
print( Format( “%s has %i money!”, v:Nick(), v.DarkRPVars.money ) )


I made a clientside derma for that yesterday !

And the screenshot was taken on my server :f5h::xd:

Oh, i went randomly on your server, hope this not annoy you.

why would it annoy me

Don’t know, some people gets annoyed by everything

He isn’t asking to find out about everyone’s money, he is asking about a money bag, aka money that you find on the ground.

Find it using the model, easiest way.

He probbably means adding the amount of money a moneybag contains to something thats like a wire rangers, for wiremod i guess

It is possible, because there is a money detector in wiremod or atleast in their extras i believe. You should check there, however i must say must automation with this kinda stuff should also be done with some decent E2 knowledge :stuck_out_tongue:

Just use a wire target finder, and could I ask, which server are you admin on?

You could use that, but it doesn’t work with the amount that is in the actual money bag, you need wire for that sucker, because i don’t remember the networked int’s name they use the for amount.

Good point, forgot about that :(.