DarkRP Money\guns just float

Alright so I’ve been killing myself trying to find a fix that work. here is a list of most of the fixes that did not help me.

Moving Cstrike file to orangebox
Installing counter strike source from HLDS and cmd
Re installing srcds
re install svn
remove Gun licenses

Other small fixes evade my memory atm.
Please if you have any other possible solutions that might help me i would be so appreciative.

Install CS:S source content your server.

How? Do you have team viewer please?

Theres an easy fix for it:

Navigate to garrysmod/gamemodes
Delete “DarkRP”
Restart your server.

Noob -___-

Have you ever tried using a search engine like GOOGLE i seriously recommend you use one. Wow you can’t find anything…

Now is the time to stop being lazy and use a search engine like google properly.

gee mister. That never occured to me. It’s not like all the fixes i’ve tried have been from various search engines? And resolved, I found the fix on a different forum. - _ - yay