DarkRP - Money not saving (Databases?)

Okay, I submitted the information on the DarkRP Github page but they said they can’t do anything about it as apparently, ‘not enough information’… (https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/issues/292)

Basically, It’s been pointed out by members of the server, that nothing is being saved. I had a car dealer NPC, used to work fine… Then for some reason, when people relog, they would need to rebuy the car instead of just deploying it. The same goes for money, when they relog, they start with what they started when they last played. For new players, first time playing, they would just relog and get the starting cash over and over again. Any solutions?

My host, Xenon Servers, comes with a free MySQL host and hostname, user, password, and et cetera. Make sure that if you have one (which you should if you bought a game server), make sure that you fill out the “_MySQL.lua” in your DarkRP > gamemode folder.

I have that file… It says this inside

RP_MySQLConfig = {} – Ignore this line
Welcome to MySQL for DarkRP!
In this file you can find a manual for MySQL configuration and the MySQL config settings.

RP_MySQLConfig.EnableMySQL = false – Set to true if you want to use an external MySQL database, false if you want to use the built in SQLite database (garrysmod/sv.db) of Garry’s mod.
RP_MySQLConfig.Host = “” – This is the IP address of the MySQL host. Make sure the IP address is correct and in quotation marks (" “)
RP_MySQLConfig.Username = “user” – This is the username to log in on the MySQL server.
– contact the owner of the server about the username and password. Make sure it’s in quotation marks! (” “)
RP_MySQLConfig.Password = “password” – This is the Password to log in on the MySQL server,
– Everyone who has access to FTP on the server can read this password.
– Make sure you know who to trust. Make sure it’s in quotation marks (” ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Database_name = “DarkRP” – This is the name of the Database on the MySQL server. Contact the MySQL server host to find out what this is
RP_MySQLConfig.Database_port = 3306 – This is the port of the MySQL server. Again, contact the MySQL server host if you don’t know this.

Download andyvincent’s/Drakehawke’s gm_MySQL OO module and read the guide here:

- There are always errors on the server, try if you can see those (with HLDS)
- the same errors are also in the logs if you can’t find the errors on the server.
the logs are at garrysmod/data/DarkRP_logs/ on the SERVER!
The MySQL lines in the log always precede with “MySQL Error:” (without the quotation marks)
- make sure the settings in this file (_MySQL.lua) are correct
- make sure the MySQL server is accessible from the outside world