DarkRP Money Reset and Shipment Questions

Hello there! And thank you for reading this

So, me and a couple friends are setting up a DarkRp server on Gmod, and I have recently encountered a few bugs, that I am unable to find a way to fix.

Bug #1
Any time the server restarts, everyone loses their money and it resets to 500

How we would like to have it after this is fixed:
we would like that a player’s money stays the same whether or not the server restarts, or they rejoin E.G: You have 6000 dollars, you leave, you come back, you have 6000 dollars like before.

Bug #2
We are unable to add custom shipments to any of our classes, such as the gundealer, we can’t make any custom shipments, i have followed everything that just about anywhere says, have the DarkRp modifications master addon, tried adding it there, did not work.

How we would like to have it after this is fixed:
We would like it to where we add something in the config file, and it actually works. What else do you think we would want? lol

We currently have darkrpmodification-master installed.