DarkRP - Multiple Player Model selection issue

so, I’m going to post splice example of my custom jobs to better explain this.

TEAM_SERIALKILLER = AddExtraTeam("Serial Killer", {
	color = Color(51, 51, 255, 255), 
	model = {

So, you see the list of models I have for this here:

The highlighted box is the model i’m selecting. However… No matter which one I pic, I end up as this:

This also happens in some other areas involving multiple models, including civilian. I never end up with the model i choose. yes I’ve recently added a few new addons, but… my question is, does anyone know what the usual source of the problem is, commonly within an addon that may cause this (if this is the case.).

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Apparently I’m not the only guy with this issue.


If someone can help either of us on this related problem, that would be much appreciated.

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I did a little digging, i checked console after loading into the server fresh, and then doing the usual lingo and found this.

Unknown command: rp_playermodel
Unknown command: _rp_ChosenModel

Is this....  because of my custom F4 menu?

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Yup, I figured it out. It was the Custom F4 menu I have. I didn’t fix it, as I’m not sure how to, But I can at least say I know the source.

Well the error is unknown commands, you’d need to check what the actual commands are, you will be able to find that in the code

Thankfully, I was able have it fixed by its original designer.