[DarkRP] Must have made a derp...

Mob boss should show as a custom model as the male_07 model from [http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=110215] here](http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=110215)
I checked and all files mentioned in our resource and made sure they are there. I cleared my own models & materials folder to double check too.

The Mob boss shows as an error currently, so any help would be appreciated.

Here is the mob-boss info:

TEAM_MOB = AddExtraTeam("Gang Leader", Color(25, 25, 25, 255), 
{"models/player/humans/suits1/male_07.mdl"}, [[The Gang Leader is the boss of the lesser criminals of the city.
He is supposed to keep the Gang Members active and busy.
The Gang Leader is also able to bail people out of jail.]], {"lockpick", "unarrest_stick", "weapon_mad_usp", 
"keypad_cracker"}, "gleader", 1, 60, 0, false, true, TEAM_GANG)

Here is the resource file.
I am aware of the fact I only need to add the .mdl for some of the models and entities, but I had a couple of problems with some models acting weird - so I just added all files.

Perhaps I made a an error somewhere?
Help is appreciated.


Is the first thing i see you don’t need the {}
Not sure if that would be the error though, Where did you put your resource file also could be the error.

Yeah… that wouldn’t be the error, although you’re right.
Resource file is in the correct place, as everything else appears to be downloading and working.

If you spawn the model as a ragdoll in-game, does it work?

You must use **[Resource.AddFile


Did you read his post? He has.

To be honest, I couldn’t locate it.
The character model shows as an error - so I’d assume the rag-doll would show as an error.
This means that the model and the material aren’t downloading for some reason.

That was what I was attempting to prove, do you use FastDL?

Let me test whether the models will work if I jam them in my gmod folders.
That would help.

what about net_maxfilesize (int MB)