DarkRP mySQL problem, double accounts

Hey facepunch I am having a strange problem with mySQL on my darkrp server. For some reason players have two accounts as seen here http://prntscr.com/glqx6r

My leaderboards http://dynamicrp.org/stats shows the the player twice which is the main problem. I am also running tmysql4 instead of mysqloo if this matters. I setup the sql through darkrpmodification-master

I hope someone can help me fix this problem, and if you want more info feel free to tell me, I will do my best.

Can you post your SQL code?

in darkrpmodification?

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RP_MySQLConfig = {} -- Ignore this line
Welcome to MySQL for DarkRP!
In this file you can find a manual for MySQL configuration and the MySQL config settings.

RP_MySQLConfig.EnableMySQL = true -- Set to true if you want to use an external MySQL database, false if you want to use the built in SQLite database (garrysmod/sv.db) of Garry's mod.
RP_MySQLConfig.Host = "hidden" -- This is the IP address of the MySQL host. Make sure the IP address is correct and in quotation marks (" ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Username = "hidden" -- This is the username to log in on the MySQL server.
								-- contact the owner of the server about the username and password. Make sure it's in quotation marks! (" ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Password = "hidden" -- This is the Password to log in on the MySQL server,
									-- Everyone who has access to FTP on the server can read this password.
									-- Make sure you know who to trust. Make sure it's in quotation marks (" ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Database_name = "hidden" -- This is the name of the Database on the MySQL server. Contact the MySQL server host to find out what this is
RP_MySQLConfig.Database_port = 3306 -- This is the port of the MySQL server. Again, contact the MySQL server host if you don't know this.
RP_MySQLConfig.Preferred_module = "tmysql4" -- Preferred module, case sensitive, must be either "mysqloo" or "tmysql4". Only applies when both are installed.
RP_MySQLConfig.MultiStatements = false -- Only available in tmysql4: allow multiple SQL statements per query. Has no effect if no scripts use it.

Download MySQLOO and read the guide here:

	- There are always errors on the server, try if you can see those (with HLDS/server logs)
	- the same errors are also in the logs if you can't find the errors on the server.
		the logs are at garrysmod/data/DarkRP_logs/ on the SERVER!
		The MySQL lines in the log always precede with "MySQL Error:" (without the quotation marks)
	- make sure the settings in this file (mysql.lua) are correct
	- make sure the MySQL server is accessible from the servers IP

Oh, you meant with the DarkRP gamemode. Does this happen with no addons installed?