Darkrp name error.

My friend and I are hosting a server and are having some issues with DarkRP. When people join the server the RP names change from what they set it to and everybody has the same name for instance me, (Rayn Strom), Solution, and Frontierpsychiatrist all joined the server and instead of having our rpnames (Rayn Strom, Solution, and Frontier) our names would be, for instance, Rayn Strom, Rayn Strom, Rayn Strom. It also used rp names that we have used on other servers in the past and they would change evertime we restarted the server. so it would change to Dr. Rayn, Dr. Rayn, Dr. Rayn. It kind of alternated between us three so it would be occaisionally Solution * 3, Frontier * 3, Rayn * 3. etc. Any ideas? This has happened all 2-3 times we reinstalled the game server (HLDS ubdate, scrds and the likes). Any Ideas?
(NOTE) Any updates or information on this issue will be put on this post as well
(Rayn Strom)