DarkRP | Need a LUA King/Queen!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been making progress on my server, I even decided to purchase a dedicated host so I don’t have to host the server myself! Anyway, on to the request;

There was a server I joined a while back, and for the life of me I cannot remember the name,I think it was That DarkRP Server that had a custom message appear on screen when the player first spawned. This box pretty much told the player to enter a Realistic RP name or get kicked. I’ve looked around for something like this but I cannot find anything.

I’m asking one of you generous, LUA-Kings/Queens here on Facepunch to create a menu which appears when the player joins the server for the first time, indicating to them to create a realistic RP name. I want it to detect if the name is not realistic enough (like symbols, only forename, no surname, random letter etc.) and if it is not, kick the player. I also want it so the player cannot change their name again unless me or another admin changes it for them.

There’s also a few more custom things I’d like to add to make the server stand out a little more. If anyone can help me and what I’m asking is possible, which I’m pretty sure it is, please reply below or PM me if you want details on the other projects I’m working on!


Can anyone help me? I would attempt to do it myself, but I can’t even get all of my custom models to download properly… :smiley:

Payment/rewards? You also missed the hire thread. Finding somebody to do anything in general for free/donations/admin is virtually impossible these days which is a shame; you seem to stand out above the other people asking for free help.

Yea, I’m only a student so paying people is hard for me really.

How so? xD

Also, I checked out the hire thread but people were asking for money, and as stated above, it’s hard for me to give money!
I could maybe work something out, but I wouldn’t be able to give too much. Probably max would be £10 or $15.

Most people who ask for free scripting are 8 year olds; the typical ‘DarkRP owner’ stereotype. However you can at least format your posts and speak properly so I assumed you stood out from the rest; which you do. You’re more likely to find a generous coder than others, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Good luck anyway. :dance:

Yea, I know the whole vibe around DarkRP, and the 8 year old server owners. I decided to move from DarkRP and switch to Trouble in Terrorist Town. I find it more entertaining and it draws less children.

I was on earlier and it was already more popular than the DarkRP server ever was :stuck_out_tongue:

If I ever need any coders in the future, which I probably will, I’ll be sure to continue formatting my posts!

Thanks for the responses.