DarkRP - Need coder easy task!

This doesn’t sound much of hard work, more like an errand. My friend and I are working on a server and he keeps yelling at me to add cars, but I’m extremely lazy and busy with school.

-A Lamborghini, Ferrari, MustangGT, Corvette, a cop car, some classic cars (surprise me) WITH a resource.lua file. (Please no link to SCars, and make sure the models work!)

You will only get payed when you’ve completed your task, correctly and if it works.

contact my friend for pay:
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036732977/ or by his email jamesparente2@hotmail.com

Install vehicles client side, go into game and type rp_getvehicles then select which vehicles you want and add this in addentities.lua

AddCustomVehicle(<One of the vehicles from the rp_getvehicles list>, <Model of the vehicle>, <Price of the vehicle>, <OPTIONAL jobs that can buy the vehicle>)

For example
AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 6000, {TEAM_GUN})
The team gundealer can buy it for multiple teams, do something like this.

AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 6000, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_2, etc})