[DARKRP] Need coder for darkrp mod hl2

I need a coder for my darkrp mod hl2.

This is a list to do:

  • Pain/Hurt Sound for some teams. (CP & OTA)
  • Footstep for some teams. (CP & OTA)
  • Custom Overlay for some teams. (CP & OTA)
  • A custom stunstick.
  • Comptability with Pill (“https://github.com/birdbrainswagtrain/GmodPillPack”) with a teams. (Choose the TEAM_SCANNER and you will be a scanner.)
  • And more…

Thanks for all peoples who can help me to develop my server.

If you want other people to make your server not shitty, you better be able to pay

Very helpful.

Without being sarcastic, that’s the most helpful piece of advice you’re going to get from here.

You can’t just tell someone to do it. If you were a coder and there are a lot of things that you can do, I bet you would want money too. Look at all the scripts, they cost money not just air. People spend time making them.

Okay, but i want super mod rank