Darkrp Need help please.

I Installed Darkrp for my server but when I load the server I get an error message saying " Too many lua errors " and it says in the console that a file is missing/Gmod can’t find the file ,this is untrue as the file is there, Sorry I can’t provide Screenshots of the error message as I’m sure it commonly happens so there’s no need to post it. I’m kinda new to running a server so I may be doing something wrong so if someone Could post the steps for getting a darkrp server running I would be grateful forever.
I feel like such a noob :tinfoil:

Screenshots would really help
And the name of the file that it says is missing

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ok Will do it

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cl_init.lua <— Thats the name of the missing file

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start by using “sv_kickerrornum” “0” it will make it so that no matter how many lua errors you get you will never get kicked (comes in handy for developers obviously)

as for your error try updating ULib and ULX to the latest SVN revision

Sorry but I am new here, where do I place that? I’m guessing in the server.cfg but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

You should be able to put it in the “target” section of the properties for the “START” shortcut located with your dedicated server. Although I don’t know if you have the same setup as me.

Just add it after anything that’s already there by typing “+sv_kickerrornum 0”.

Hmm…I’m trying it now, but it seems I can’t even find the server now. It might be the server.cfg I’m trying to use…

EDIT: Pathetic n0oB mistake, forgot to upload correct map :l

EDITx2: Now I am stuck in Sandbox mode, nothing DarkRP related is working. (huh…) Now noticing I’m stuck in LAN too… :l

EDITx3: SO F’ING CLOSE! Sorry, I just got happy :stuck_out_tongue: I know have it in DarkRP mode but am stuck in LAN, I will try to port forward again.

Add this to server.cfg: