DarkRP - Need some testers tonight, for release.

Just going to change this as I get the feeling your all going to be dicks.

“Hey guys I need hum testers, so I don’t get banned for advertising because I know that I’m just advertising my generic rp server”

Not exactly generic, but still, if you’re going to be a dick.

We are dicks because it’s clear you are advertising.

Op, prank calling tesco direct should make you feel bad.

Generally speaking, releasing anyone personal info when they have heat on them can get you a month ban for endangerment of a Facepunch member.

Hey OP are you a comic book writer or an artist?

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What ever happened to DeltaNetwork?

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Hacking in modern warfare 2? That’s shameful

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What were you watching on 4oD 19 hours ago?

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dude, your boat model is cooool

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OP your website is SQLi vulnerable. Might want to fix that…

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If you want proof it’s vulnerable, pm me

Dude, it’s enough, I think you should stop.
We get it.
I know your trying to make your point and that’s cool and all, but we know OP is advertising and is a dick, you don’t need to go that far.

I think you’re a pretty cool and funny person when I see you post, but this just seems a bit too far.

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And I’m not trying to be mean or anything to you, I’m just saying that you should probably stop or it might lead somewhere.

Nah I got it, it was just when looking at OPs website, there’s a very well known exploit that hasn’t been patched on his site. Thought he should be made aware of it.

Also, awwwwww that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard all day