[DarkRP]-Never been solved, please help me!

Thank you for clicking on my thread and I really hope you can help me. So basicly my struggle is changing the DarkRP title to my own custom name for an example…instead of my gamemode been DarkRP I’d like the gamemode to say CustomRP. If anyone can help me do this It would really mean alot.

I do understand also that it will decrease my popularity alot, I really want this for a testing server. Like I said if anyone can help I;d appreciate it alot.

Chickengbs // Tommy.

I think Garry made a specific blog post about why he didn’t want people renaming their gamemodes just to get their own tab in the server browser.

If you really want to know, I suggest referencing this wiki page. Specifically “GM.Name” in shared.lua, the entire gamemodenamehere.txt file, and the foldername itself.

I can’t seem to find “GM.Name” in shared.lua?

+1 bad reading to me. DarkRP has it in init.lua, and cl_init.lua.