DarkRP - NLR Box

How would I change what it says in the NLR box when you die? I can’t seem to find the file to edit it.

What addon are you using?

Try looking in the cl_init file?

I believe this is just the default one that comes with DarkRP.


Where would I find cl_init?

I didn’t know that DarkRP came with a NLR box. Ill go download the recent version and look through it though.

Return when I find it.

The NLR box pops up when you die, that’s why i’m guessing it comes with DarkRP.

Nope, DarkRP doesn’t come with an NLR box.

What addons are you running?

Ah i’m not to sure because its not my server, the owner gave me backend because if something ended up breaking I could fix it.

Oh and I was reading through the main DarkRP files and your not allowed to edit any files, the only ones you can edit are in DarkRPModification so i’ll take a look in there.

That won’t do any good.

It’s an addon, or something added to the server.

Just make a list of the addons that are installed.

Ah but there’s the issue, I can’t list them all off by heart because i’m not really sure whats installed currently.

I’ll just take a look around and see if I can find it, if I can’t i’ll just contact the owner.


I’m going to look into with owner, thanks anyway for your help :smiley: