DarkRP - No Cursor when F3 is pressed or in MOTD

So I’m running a server based on the Dark RP gamemode (and please don’t be that cuck about modifying and flooding gamemode list which I’m not and how it’s “disprespectful.”) and I seem to have a problem. Whenever F3 (spare key 3) is pressed, rather than normally popping up a cursor to use, nothing happens. What makes matters worse is that the cursor does not show up in my MoTD (LuneraLITE is the MoTD I’m using, I do believe. I’ve used it on another server do it can’t be the problem.) unlike how it normally does. If anyone could help me with this, that would be great. I believe it’s a conflicting addon, so please note, I am going to post my collection for the server but I am NOT advertising it. I doesn’t show in anyway as to what server it relates to. (And I hope to god this is the right forums.) I’m new to these forums as you can tell, but if I am able to I will edit my post and remove my collection link once the provalm is solved. Thanks for helping! (If you do ;p)