DarkRp : No jobs, no inventory? Help!

I downloaded DarkRP gamemode for Gmod 10 and started the server on a rp map. Salary and health are workable but when i press F4 for the job/shipment menu to open it comes up a grey box with nothing on it. And inventroy doesn’t work eighter. Only thing that happens is that the mouse is visable.

I have realistic CS:S wepon pack, newest one and I’ve been look in gmodwiki.

I need serious help with this. I would apreciate serious answers too.

What inventory?


You did something wrong, re-install it

No, he doesn’t need to reinstall it. There is a slight error in your Shared.LUA code or AddEntities.LUA code, bud. Nothing won’t hurt just opening both of those and scanning for errors such as an un needed */ or =. The Shared.LUA and AddEntities.LUA files, when not coded properly, can mess your whole gamemode up. Just double heck both of those files.