DarkRP - No money on Payday!?

Hey guys. I’m using TCAdmin.

The salary works fine, but when the time comes for payday, i don’t recieve any money.
The icon on the right side of the screen pops up where it says:
Payday! You recieved 45$!
But I don’t get any money!
How do I fix this?

You’ve got my full attention. Are we still talking about? How long have you been using it ? What is that? Is that a fact. Thanks for the information: said I recieved 45. Huh. Me either. You must persuade me to fix this.

search the lua files for the command and replace it with maby an older version of it

Check make sure you haven’t changed the salary or anything in the admin menu.

May I ask why you quote op?

It’s very easy to fix, updated to the latest svn