DarkRP Not saving Money, inventory items ect

Ok so nitrous networks surport team could not solve the problem so they said take it to facepunch… the problem is that when the server restarts or the client disconects their inventory, money and or cars do not save. We deleted the file in garrysmod called sv.db and restarted becuase they thought the file was corrupt.

But doing that just made a new file wich did not work… the problem has added other problems.

-Tab menu being sandbox.

-Spawning as Hl2 Player model (you know when you type thirdperson in console whilst playing HL2) or just a rock statue.

-Spawning with no job.

-Having to change RpName when joining.

There no script errors or any sign to were the problem is everything exported to the server fine but when people disconnected they relised the lost every thihng.

This all the information i can give ask me if you have questions.

-Thanks for reading :slight_smile: