DarkRP Notifications not showing?


I’ve got a problem with my DarkRP server when somebody changes jobs/names/etc… the notifications that are in the bottom right of the screen aren’t showing.

Also, an extra thing (if anyones knows) my printers aren’t printing money they just stay at 0$.

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Have you edited Core files?

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I did but like, I can’t be fucked to use darkrpmodification cus I’ve had my core files edited since the version 4 isn’t there a code I can change? That’s the only thing that’s wrong with my server atm lol


anyone know what I need to edit/add?


someone’s gotta know? please? xD

Well seeing as FPtje said that it would fuck up your gamemode if you modified the main gamemode files.

This is seen in the “DON’T TOUCH ANY OF THESE FILES.txt” file.

And also if your printers are not printing we need to know what addon you are using for those printers.