DarkRP NPC Car Dealership

Hey guys. My first thread so hopefully I do it right :slight_smile:

I have been coding for a friend on a server and we have been doing great. We wanted to add in the VC MOD from master chris. Now, the way that vehicles spawn from like…TDM cars and stuff…It will not work. Ofcourse if I spawn a vehicle with the vehicles list it works. But now if I do something like this…


and so on, it don’t work. I understand why but I was wondering if there was around this so I can get headlights, horns, and passengers working for the server. Thanks in advance!

please…for the love of god…its “it doesn’t work” not “it don’t work”

also (this is probably a bad example) but perp has hundreds of lines dedicated to vehicle spawning, passenger seats, from and rear lights and underglow…