DarkRP NPC Shop

I may just be a complete dumbfuck, but I dont know where to put this to get the NPC To Spawn. I followed the Wiki on NPC shops, even downloaded this https://garrysmods.org/download/1821/shop-npc-examplezip but still cant find it in game to use, is there specific place to put it? I put it in the Addons folder, and I may just be, like I said, a dumbfuck. Is there any console commands or anything I could use to spawn it? Please help, thanks.

this addon only adds the npc to the entities menu, you have to spawn it manually.
But before you have to put it into a category, and make it spawnable by editing the shared.lua:

ENT.Spawnable = true
list.Set( "NPC", "shopbot", {
	Name = "Simple shop bot",
	Class = "shopbot",
	Category = "Shopbot"
} )

Thanks mate

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Okay I did that but my NPC isnt in Ents. Can you post an Exact file path to drop the NPC Folder into?

the nextbot creation tutorial shows you where to put which files.