DarkRP Option Menu Difficulty

So I changed the CS:S Realitic weapon shipments to Mad Cows weapons. But the problem is that when I go to the options it takes all the tabs and shoves them to the upper left corner of the screen and leaves a blank options menu. I’ve looked everywhere for ideas on how to fix the problem but found nothing. Any suggestions?

That normally means you’ve messed up somewhere in your LUA files.
It’d be helpful if you shown us what you’ve edited in your files so we can take a look ourselves and perhaps help you out?

Do you need the addshipments.lua or addentities.lua?

If you have the SVN version of DarkRP, there is no addshipments.lua anymore, because everything is listed in addentities.lua.

I’m guessing that might be the reason? Conflicting lua codes? Cause that’s something I wasn’t aware of. I downloaded the shipments from garrysmod.com so I guess it gave me both lua.

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Ah! Fixed the problem.