DarkRP or gamemode testing

would you say ue4 is the best thing to mess around with while waiting to test making gamemodes because id love to make a darkRP type of game

no because S&Box uses C# and Unreal uses C++

ah what would you recommend for me ?

In my opinion it depends on your experience level. Having done my masters in the games field I’ve plenty of experience in using UE4 with blueprints. And now I need to go back and learn C++ and am looking to learn C# too to get involved when S&Box becomes more available to us.

Have you any previous experience with game dev?

yes ue4 visual code mostly and a tiny tiny bit of c# in unity dont remember anything

C++ and C# are meant to have a lot of similarities since they both belong to the C Language family. Soo I think even if you went learning C++ or kept going with blueprints in ue4 it would do no harm. Could even be beneficial as when you then go to learn c# for S&box you’d be more familiar with coding in general so it may be an easier process for you. Ue4 for sure would give you a good foundation for building games.

thank you a lot i really hope s&box comes out for early access really soon for the general public ive been exited for this game for awhile now and im just way to hyped up to wait but sadly we all have too

Your welcome!

I’m a die hard garrysmod fan and everything valve related. I’ve spent way too many hours on the games haha. But honestly the way I see access to the game atm is it really is best left to those who really know wheat their doing with programming at the moment since they’ll be the ones who are shaping the game to be what you get when it’s ready for release. So we shouldn’t want people “just having a go” involved in it otherwise we’ll end up complaining about a sub par product that we get. Just use the time in anticipation for the games eventual release learning how to code and then you’ll be in a much better position to code when the time comes and you’ll be ready to make addons etc :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Unity 3D with visual basic is C#

dark rp in s&box will be the best thing to happen in the history of gaming