Darkrp owner banned

Hey I am a owner of a RP server and it recently got attacked by some weirdo called niko, He banned everyone, and he demoted everyone.
Including ME!

I was also banned from rp’s FADMIN to!
removed the old admin i had and got a new one so im not banned anymore
Please what file do i need to edit in my darkrp folder to remove the bans?
A answer would be appreciated thank you!

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Gran PC))

Go on your control pannel, stop the server for now. Then I don’t know, wait for a reply here. CLOSE QUICK!!

You’re not too bright are you?

r u stoopid

Thats not helping…

find your ban list
find your name or id or whatever
take the id
and take it off the list

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so you dont know anything about servers, let some dumbass take your server over, and you dont know how to unban people

Holy shit, you made this thread twice.

If you help me i will give you inf money and inf pointshop points on my server

Wow! How much money are we talking here. I mean infinite, well that endless. Anway, go to your computer that is running and just delete the bans.cfg file. Thats is prob the easiest but it is also a very blunt approch. Have fun

jesus christ you are stupid
you bought some stupid server and ran darkrp AND YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE IT