DarkRP Parakeets Pills

Hi, so i added parakeets pills to my darkrp server, i didnt want people to play as a strider and similar so i made the default owner only, but now i am having problems creating entitys for my custom pills dealer job, the entity code is here.

DarkRP.createEntity(“Seagull Pill”, {
ent = “pill_worldent”,
model = “models/Items/AR2_Grenade.mdl”,
price = 5000,
max = 10,
cmd = “buypill_seagull”,
pill = Seagull,
category = “Pills”,

i tried using pill_seagull after pill = but it didnt work, and no errors happen, it shows up in game when you play as the job, the only thing is, instead of showing a seagull on top it shows missing texture, so i was wondering, what name do you enter, or how do you make one if i did something wrong :slight_smile:

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fixed it, i needed to type “bird_seagull”