DarkRP Permissions

Hey, this question might’ve been already asked but what permission do you need to give so that a group would be able to see logs? Such as, “Joe killed Bob using a sniper.” And prop kills. So far admins and up can only see them but mods cannot.



What admin-mod do you use?
If you use ULX - you can try change permissions in ‘groups’ tab.
If you talking about DarkRP messages like a ‘[DarkRP] bot01 killed bot02’ go here:

local function AdminLog(um)
	local colour = Color(um:ReadShort(), um:ReadShort(), um:ReadShort())
	local text = um:ReadString() .. "
	MsgC(Color(255,0,0), "[DarkRP] ")
	MsgC(colour, text)
usermessage.Hook("DRPLogMsg", AdminLog)

285~ string of gamemode\cl_init.lua

The server uses ULX.

Go into darkrp/gamemode/server/gamemode_functions.lua, and about line 430, before the “end” in GM:PlayerDeath(), put this:
local _showDeaths = { “superadmin”, “admin” };
for i, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
if ( table.HasValue( _showDeaths, v:GetUserGroup(“usergroup”) ) ) then
v:PrintMessage( HUD_PRINTCONSOLE, ply:Nick() … " was killed by " … killer:Nick() … " with a " … WeaponName … "
" );

in the _showDeaths add all ranks between { }, you see how it should look

Do not edit DarkRP core files. Especially if it’s DarkRP 2.5.0

They will, no matter what you say and how many times you say it. Deal with it

Uh, no.

Repetition is the best method to get a message across to people that keep doing it.