DarkRP-Perp (Lua Coder Needed!)

I am running a 24/7 DarkRP-Perp server.

connect to join.

Need a lua coder. If you can code for us, you will recieve free owner and also get unlimited money.

This server has the build side to a DarkRP, and the cars, weed growing and raids of a PERP.


I’m confused, how can you have two gamemodes on one server? Or is this just a DarkRP server were you take gameplay features of PERP and very poorly implement them into DarkRP?

Or maybe the other way around? That would probably be easier if you got the perp gamemode.

Other way around as in a PERP server using DarkRP features?


He said something about it having darkrp building? I dunno.
Pretty much makes no sense.

Yeah OP is all over the place. I’m wagering that this is just a DarkRP server that tries to copy PERP in order to bank on the success of PERP, lol

This isn’t going to happen…

I agree with this.


He is saying that the server uses dark rp but he added cars, sweps and the weed plant( probably made it a buyable entity).