DarkRP physgun doors?

Alright so i have this issue with where it allows me to use the physgun to pickup doors in darkRP, but when you do it, you cant put the door back! and while iM Rping myself, i always HIT the door with my physgun, and it messes it up, and to fix it reqires a map restart, is there a way to disable this? thank you :P.

Disallow admins from picking up world/blocked entities.
would disallow them from physgunning printers etc too
or you could disable the setting on yourself when you rp, and re-enable it on yourself when you do admin things.

Or just put this in lua/autorun/server:

function AntiDoors( ply, ent )
	if ent:isDoor() then
		return false
hook.Add( "PhysgunPickup", "AntiDoors", AntiDoors )