[DarkRP] PickPocket SWEP

Hello, I am desperately seeking a pickpocket swep, but I found anywhere, at least I found one but it does not work as I want …
If a good coder could help me, it would be really nice.

The pickpocket should be as lockpick, but it will work on players to steal some money, with a discrete sound when it searches, and a duration of 5 seconds …

By advance, really, thanks.

I am now able to pay, need answers…

Might be able to help you out. How much are you willing to pay? xD

PM me plox

>Hear sound with headphones on
>Sprint away
>Pickpocket fails

I can sell you a very good one with everything you’re looking for.

for only 15$ :smiley:

>Get banned for FailRP

>Playing on a darkRP server with a swep
>Swep is considered RP
>Leave server because it’s shit
>Admin says the server is the best when only his IRL friends play
>Admin is shit

I agree, I am against heavily scripted RP, but these days, if you just do something like /me pickpockets X’s wallet, you would have the guy pretend not to see it and continue walking.

Because generally people don’t want to consent to it in-game, they want to have fun not lose all of their shit.
I’m pretty sure if someone did that to you in your server, there would be no chance that they would get away with it, and yet you would yell at others that gave the mugger no chance at all.

Stop with the unbased BIAS against my server, you don’t know it. Refusal to do this would lead to a ban.

My Bias on your server is that it’s DarkRP.
That is a pretty based Bias.
Also that you refer to it as a ‘serious’ RP server, that is on DarkRP.

Again with the BIAS. You call anything related to DarkRP stupid. Join my server once its up again, THEN tell me weather its shit or not. I wouldn’t have so much positive feedback if it was yet another stupid, RDMish DarkRP by some 12 year old.

Be serious guys, i really don’t joke, I really need it, I’m really able to pay around $10 to $15.

I prefer free also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just by looking trough 5 other posts that you post, I wouldn’t even pay you 1 cent.

I did and got banned after 15 minutes, i was in a room talking to no-one.
So how about you stop advertising on a forum that almost 90 percent hates you, it will only lead to drama.

Banned for what?

Also, I am not advertising, I will soon, when I launch 2.0, but I am not now. I am simply defending my position.

Please, back to my request, i seriously need someone.

I might be able to help, sent you a pm.

Got an answer?
Read it.

Thread Solved, thanks to MayorBee.

No downloads for you, cause you trolled about FailRP.