[DarkRP] Piece of code that will only allow certain jobs to open the q spawn menu

Title says it all, I’m in need for a piece of code I can put in my server folder which will only allow certain jobs that I write in the code to be able to open the Q Menu.
All other jobs that are not whitelisted to open, when they press q nothing happens, but the one that are whitelisted, when they press q it opens.

If someone could quickly create this line of code and tell me where to put it for me it would be greatly appretiated.
Thank you.

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Take a look at

GM:OnSpawnMenuOpen. You’ll also need to prevent players from spawning things.

Yeah i’ve looked at that link before, only Steam ID’s tho, i’m not the best with coding so I was kind of hoping maybe someone would be able to make the code for me? If that’s ok.

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Anyone else? Really want to try and get this sorted asap, all help really does mean a lot <3

Player:Team Just check for the players job instead of SteamID?

I have minimal knowledge in coding tho I wouldn’t even know how to put it together, could you please do it for me?


It’s the simplest script, im not gonna pay someone to do it :confused:

Then do it yourself. You haven’t even bothered to do it, you just started by begging us to do it for you.

No I’ve been trying to do it for hours and can’t get my head around it, literally didn’t know this place had people so fucking rude

So entitled, jeez.