DarkRP Player Help?

I have a issue were i can see players from anywhere in the map i could be on the complete other side and i can still see them anyone know were i can change this at?

turn off your hacks?

Do you see all the entities thru walls? Most likely you got an error in some 3D2D function.

No i can just see players names from across the map. Now sense i work alone i have no testers to tell me if its just me as a admin that can see that? but idk as far as i know i can see other players from across the map or anywhere on the map?

put your code on www.pastebin.com most likely the cl_init.lua? i dont know what gamemode youre using and i dont know DarkRP

DarkRP one sec here you go http://pastebin.ca/2312853 i couldnt get pastebin.com to work idk why it was all messed up. But anyways thanks for helping me / taking a look at it for me.


Didn’t read the pastebin.

ok sorry, i need the …/client/hud.lua file

http://pastebin.ca/2312904 - hud.lua

Well i used your file and it works fine, tested with Bots and the file is 100% match with official file.

hmmm think its a admin thing? becasue i can see anyone on the map from anywhere?

players or player info?

i fixed it my on of my fiels were like corrupted

Sounds like an admin mod that displays names and he just didn’t remove the plugin.

GM:showglobal or something in config.lua does this as well.