Darkrp: Players can't see custom sweps.

I own a server that I have been working on for several months. A few days ago, I searched for custom weapons for my Darkrp. Being a huge Warhammer 40k fan, I downloaded a Bolter. I started by adding the model codes(.mdl, .phy, etc.) to include the model into the server using resource.AddSingleFile and resource.AddFile. I also did the same thing with the .vmt and .vtf files… When I finished, I joined my server and invited a friend. When he joined, I showed him my Bolter, but he said that all he can see is a big error. Does anyone know how to fix this?

The other players need to have it installed if they want to see it
If you installed it on your server, you need a coder to enable a force download,
So they can download it from the server when they connect.
Instead of downloading it manually.

I’ll be willing to help out for a couple extra bucks.

Thanks for the help… I will try the method… As for money, I’m a bit short on it :\ but thanks anyways.

I downloaded a force downloader from gmod.org and it didn’t work. I did change the lua a bit, by changing the world model and editing the damage and ammo of the custom weapon. Could that be a problem? My friend took a screenshot of what he sees here:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198058150064/screenshot/540675904032761047

I don’t even…

Where is the pic.

so all you have to do is push the content to the users?
have u setup a fastdownload ?
if not do you have a webserver that u can setup fastdownload ?

Ok, 1: Sorry about the link. 2: I do not have a webserver. I believe that I have a dedicated server, so idk if fastdl will work on that(which it probably will not).

do you host your your own dedicated server ? or did u buy it
can i know your internet speed if u have a fast internet u can host your own fastdl all you will be doing is transfering small lua files about 13Kbs nothing big

Err… I think it’s 6mb per second… I don’t really know. It’s DSL if that makes any difference… and yes, I host my own dedicated server.

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