DarkRP - Players spawn with stuff they are not meant to.

Hello! I have set up a SRCDS Gmod DarkRP server. I know how to make jobs/printers ect. There seems to be a problem though, when a player spawns they spawn with an arrest stick/stun stick/unnarest stick ect. I think they are spawning with the weapons other jobs get, how do I fix this? I have looked in player.lua and init.lua but to no prevail.

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Update on this problem - They spawn with police items, every job does it. Help please.

go into the rcon, make sure no citz or any non cp spawn with admin stuff (eg stunstick)

That made NO sense…

Press F4 - Admin - Make sure the admins spawn with cop weapons crap is off, maybe the current SVN revision is bugged for the admin check. It might be, might not be…