Darkrp playx

Hey, im having trouble getting playx to be spawned through the f4 entities menu. could anyone help me out?

AddEntity(“Cinema”, “gmod_playx”, “models/props/cs_office/projector.mdl”, 500, 1, “/buycinema”, {TEAM_Cinema})
When I spawn this entity it shows as an error.

Thanks in advance

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It shows a error because you have to select a model normally, but since you made it buyable on DarkRP it won’t select the model. Also the models/props/cs_office/projector.mdl is the icon not the model it will spawn with.

How would I make it so you can select the model?

Go Into Play X And Make It Set A Model On Spawn Instead Of You Setting It, Really Busy I Cant Find The Time To Help You Out Lots Myself At The Moment. Look at