DarkRP Pocket problem

hi, i pickup meth in darkrp pocket. 20 lbs.

I took out of his pocket meth.


Please help me.

I’m not sure how the DarkRP pocket works, but you may have to modify it to specifically check and store the entity’s weight value.

The meth cook addon doesn’t save the data in a way that the pocket tool can easily read. Since it stores the Variables in a NWVar There is currently no way (that im aware of) to Get every NWVar from the entity. There is a method on the Gmod lua wiki but it doesn’t work currently. What I had to was Manually check every item picked up with a pocket to check if it is one of the items from that addon. If it is then Manually save the variables in a way that can be used by the pocket tool. and when you take the item out of your pocket Have it reapply the data as a NWVar as to no break the meth cook addon.

Whay about if you ask to addon creator, also 2 alts accounts?

The Network/DTVars are stored. That means the meth entity is doing something wrong with how it updates the var values.

The problem in the package, addon car trunk save lbs.

So you leaked it

What does it mean?

Redistributing a paid gmod addon in this case.

Some people are against it

Who would agreed on help in a stole code from a paid addon