Darkrp Pocket

Is it possible to make it so the pockets can’t pick up props?

Very simple.

go to darkrp/entities/weapons/pocket/shared.lua and edit this line:

[lua]local blacklist = {“fadmin_jail”, “drug_lab”, “money_printer”, “meteor”, “microwave”, “door”, “func_”, “player”, “beam”, “worldspawn”, “env_”, “path_”, “spawned_shipment”, “darkrp_console”}[/lua]

and add “prop_physics” in there.

Thank you it works

To allow the player to grab shipments do i simply remove “spawned_shipments”?

Well, if “spawned_shipments” is in the >blacklist<, things in the blacklist you cannot pocket. But if you take it out, then you will be able to pocket it.
So, yes.

Thanks, I’ve removed this from blacklist many times but I cant seem to get my pocket working with it. Guns and other entities are ok to pocket tho. Any suggestions?
This is the most problematic flaw of my server. Which is strange, because removing it from blacklist would seem to be the solution.

Edit: I don’t know if there are multiple ways of doing a blacklist, but i’m modifying the lua.

Post your edit, so we can see if you missed a comma.

I know, commas ruin everything.

local blacklist = {“fadmin_jail”, “drug_lab”, “money_printer”, “meteor”, “microwave”, “door”, “func_”, “player”, “beam”, “worldspawn”, “env_”, “path_”, “darkrp_console”, “prop_physics”}

“You can not put this object in your pocket!”
I think this error isn’t related to blacklist.
self.Owner:GetTable().Pocket = self.Owner:GetTable().Pocket or {}
if not trace.Entity:CPPICanPickup(self.Owner) or table.HasValue(self.Owner:GetTable().Pocket, trace.Entity) or trace.Entity.jailWall then
GAMEMODE:Notify(self.Owner, 1, 4, “You can not put this object in your pocket!”)

for k,v in pairs(blacklist) do
if string.find(string.lower(trace.Entity:GetClass()), v) then
GAMEMODE:Notify(self.Owner, 1, 4, “You can not put “…v…” in your pocket!”)

Edit:Would anyone be kind enough to explain exactly what it means in bold?