DarkRP police wanted fix?

Im a new mebmer, im so sorry if i posted this wrong…

On my DarkRP server, i’ve just found a problem… When cops tries to make someone wanted, nothing happens?
I’m not really sure why myself, but does anyone know how to fix this?

Are there any errors in console or chat?

CP job code in shared.lua?

By the way,You posted in the wrong section. Just letting you know

Check the config, you have most likely disabled the feature or enabled a variable, who knows, it’s worth a check.

Try the Dark RP thread / Github - see next point -

The answer you will get is:

“It’s your fault, it works for me, whatever you’ve done has broken it, re-install dark RP”.

Because GitHub is for reporting bugs in unmodified DarkRP. It isn’t a help forum.

Yeah I know, I’m not criticizing their response, I’m saying that generally, It’s correct, he’s messed something up in the core Dark RP files and the best bet is to re-install it, I doubt he’s made too many modifications already.