DarkRP Premade Pack

Hey Guys,

Not sure if this should be in Help & Support, but I suppose it falls under Support.
I don’t suppose that there’s a premade DarkRP Gamemode+Map that I could rotate to on my Fun server?
Me and my friends (and randoms) rotate between random gamemodes and the idea has come up that it could be fun to hop on an essentially fresh DarkRP server now and then.
I’m just looking for one with all the jobs setup, maybe a cool cool features to keep the ball rolling, but I don’t care about any fancy Donator ranks or anything. If people want to support the server they can.
I’d really appreciate if someone could link me a premade pack that I could throw on there and we could get a bunch of my buddies and random people to come on and play now and then.

P.S. Doesn’t have to necessarily be DarkRP, something based off Nutty would also be cool. ULX Integration would be the dream




There is no need to bump a thread on the front page, just wait for someone to help you (this is the incorrect section)

Here’s why

I don’t understand what you want. You want someone to give you a package that will let you run a darkrp server?

[http://darkrp.com/download](the best darkrp content pack)

But seriously, nobody is going to have that. Code your own jobs if you can’t do that (god help us) then learn how or find someone to do it for you, same goes for entities, GUI etc. etc.