Darkrp, prevent certain weapon drop?

Is there a way to make it so that when you die, you wont drop certain stuff such as a custom job. The ak-47 can be purchased from the gun dealer, but will be made autospawn for mafia(custom job). The problem is that the mafia rank shouldnt be able to drop the ak-47 since that is what they spawn in with, but apparently you drop it when you die. But if you try doing /drop, then it wouldnt drop, only if you die. Can i prevent certain job to not drop certain stuff on death? If i made it so that the ak-47 cant be dropped, then people like the gun dealer wont be able to drop the ak-47 either.

First of all, there is a DarkRP forum,

Create a function that hooks player death, if the team is equal to mafia then disallow drop.
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