DarkRP Printer Coolers?

I’ve been looking around and trying to code a few bits for a DarkRP server I hope to be creating soon and always wanted printer coolers.

Here’s an example of what I mean;
Spawn a printer - It currently will blow up as usual
Spawn a printer cooler and attach it to the money printer - The money printer is now protected by the printer cooler entity which stops the printer from blowing up for a period of time until the printer cooler blows up.
After the printer cooler blows up, the money printer acts as normal, blows up after a certain period of time.

I’ve looked at addons that have been created for the similar thing but never managed to find anything. Tried coding my own and failed miserably.
I understand that most of you will say ‘Don’t host a DarkRP server’ or something similar. If you don’t have anything informative/helpful to post, please don’t.


seems noone have some informative or helpful to post xDDD


well they already have this. I have it on my server and it goes by how many times its able to save your printer. as in it will save it 5 times then after 5 times it goes away