DarkRP Problem - De-Admin and Server Problems?

I have two problems: a couple of annoying admins, and my server staying offline off of the server list. I need to know how to de-admin someone with fAdmin, and why my server is only joinable by people on Hamachi with my IP address. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but if someone could what they did to put their server online, that would be good.
Here’s my Start.bat:

@echo off
cd c:\srcds/orangebox
echo Starting server...
srcds.exe -port 27015 -console -game garrysmod +exec server.cfg -verify_all +map rp_downtown_v4c_v2 +maxplayers 4 +gamemode darkrp
echo Server has now started.

Here’s my server.cfg:

hostname "[Jobs|Guns|Nice Admins] Race Pro Kid's Semi-Serious DarkRP"
rcon_password "xxxxxx"
sbox_noclip "0"
sbox_godmode "0"
sbox_playervsplayerdamage "1"
rp_toolgun "1"
sbox_maxprops "30"
sbox_maxragdolls "5"
sbox_maxeffects "0"
sbox_maxdynamite "0"
sbox_maxlamps "3"
sbox_maxthrusters "3"
sbox_maxwheels "4"
sbox_maxhoverballs "0"
sbox_maxvehicles "0"
sbox_maxbuttons "4"
sbox_maxemitters "0"
sbox_maxspawners "0"
sbox_maxturrets "0"


This post is dumb? I need freaking help.

whistles it’s been 11 hours.

Make sure you’ve forwarded the required ports. Find your router here and it will be explained: http://portforward.com/

Originally, I forwarded Garry’s Mod to 27015. I looked on that website and now I changed it to 27014-27050, but it still doesn’t work.

Make sure your firewall is allowing the ports aswell. That can be the other issue. If you are using Windows Server 2003/2008 make sure to add the ports to the incoming rules list in the Server Manager. If you’re hosting it off of your own computer, make sure your firewall isn’t blocking SRCDS.

It works fine for Blockland and a few other games, and it works when I host a server through GMod itself, not any Dedicated server. So it may be that my firewall is blocking SRCDS. Would Norton do that by default?

I need to know how to de-admin too (with fAdmin, in the server console), if anyone can tell me that would be nice.

3 hours later

I seriously need help. I need to de-admin these people.

We are not your dogs so just wait.

For the hamachi thing , many people say “i forwarded my ports but still dont work :c”
Make sure they are really open , “But it works for other games” The games use diffrent ports.

For the admin problem i dont know alot about it , but search for an admin list , and just remove their name , or install ulx

oh and , everyone can now fuck up your server since you showed your rcon password, better change it.

2 hours later
UGHHH , still no respond ?

Is that sarcastic? I just think its a bit much that it’s been over 2 days with only 2 good responses, even after doing those things the problem is still apparent. I still need help and I don’t want to make another topic.

You dident , no way you installed ulx and dident demote them , just make yourself admin with ulx type !menu goto ranks and remove them…!

For your Hamachi thing http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
Check the ports , if they are open make a screenshot and show me
if they really are open you can add me on steam and i help you personally.

Oh and , best is that you just rent a server they give support and most of the things go automatic thesedays

Thanks for that, ULX is actually a very good improvement for my server :slight_smile: [del]but I still need to know how to remove someone through fAdmin console commands. ULX just shows the list from the normal text file. So can someone who knows fAdmin tell me how to do that?[/del]

Never mind. I found this.